Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 202 (New Testament)

This course builds on Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 201 and focuses on New Testament controversies that in today’s conversation provokes criticism of the Bible as a reliable source of spiritual, theological, and historical truth. The goal is to expose how scholarly discussions as well as amateur discussions (those in the media or online environments) misrepresent these biblical controversial topics.

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Identify New Testament controversies that provide contemporary skepticism about the Bible’s veracity.
  • Discern the basis of skeptical criticism about controversial biblical topics and how to engage the issues honestly.
  • Deconstruct skeptical conclusions about controversial topics and probe for points of incoherence.
  • Apply rules for sound thinking to critique skeptical conclusions and formulate coherent alternatives.
Week Dates In-person Lecture Topic
  Aug 9-15   Early access to the course to complete the necessary Week 01 assignments
01 Aug 16-22 Aug 16 Introducing Modern Academic Jesus Research
02 Aug 23-29 Aug 23 Gospel Historicity: The Sources
03 Aug 30-Sep 5 Aug 30 Gospel Historicity: Genre
04 Sep 6-12 Sep 6 Introducing the Synoptic Problem
05 Sep 13-19 Sep 13 The Gnostic Gospels and Mary Magdalene Mythology
  Sep 20-Oct 3   No Class – Dr. Heiser Traveling
06 Oct 4-10 Oct 4 The "Christ Myth" Part 1: No External Evidence for Jesus and Bayes Theorem
07 Oct 11-17 Oct 11 The "Christ Myth" Part 2: 19th Century and Pop Culture Jesus Mythicism
08 Oct 18-24 Oct 18 The "Christ Myth" Part 3: Decoding the New Testament for the “Real” Jesus
09 Oct 25-31 Oct 25 Messianic Expectations, Part 1: The Issues
10 Nov 1-7 Nov 1 Messianic Expectations, Part 2: Resolving the Issues
11 Nov 8-14 Nov 8 High Christology, Part 1
12 Nov 15-21 Nov 15 High Christology, Part 2
  Nov 22-28 Nov 22 No Class – Thanksgiving Holiday
12 Nov 29-Dec 5 Nov 29 The Resurrection
14 Dec 6-12 Dec 6 The "Orthodox Corruption" of the New Testament
15 Dec 13-19 Dec 13 Pseudonymity and New Testament Epistles
  Dec 20-Jan 2   Course remains available to complete any outstanding assignment – Course closes on Jan 2

This course is adminstered through the learning managment system Brightspace. It is offered in-person and online. Beginning Aug 16 through Dec 13, the in-person class will occur every Monday night from 6pm-7:30pm EST.

The location for the in-person class is:
Celebration Church
9555 R G Skinner Parkway
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Live online streaming through Vimeo will be offered for those who can join. If you cannot join, the recorded lecture will be posted in Brightspace on Tuesdays.

Students have access to the course in Brightspace from Aug 09 through Jan 02 (21 weeks). On Aug 09, students receive early access to the course to complete the necessary assignments before the first in-person lecture on Aug 16. The course will remain available in Brightspace two weeks after the last lecture on Dec 13 so students can complete any outstanding assignment. On Jan 02, the course will close. See Schedule for more details.

Hardware: A personal computer or mobile device with reliable Internet access is required for this course.

Software: The ASOT Logos 9 Student Package is used in this course. Adobe Acrobat Reader is recommended for this course.

Instructional: The instructional material for this course are included in enrollment. They are provided to you in the course through URLs or in PDF format. 

Contemporary Post-Modern Apologetics 201

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